Porsche 959 Komfort – pw

Porsche 959
1986 Porsche 959 Komfort 
Atlas (pw) - 7114013 (diecast)

Published 04/05/17

Porsche 959 Komfort (06/28/17):
In 1983 Porsche’s racing department reasoned that the development of a rally car for Group B could bring benefits to their production cars. That’s how the 959 project came to life. It would basically have a rear-end mounted engine with four wheel drive and PDK clutch system. And of course, it would have to resemble the 911. The engine was derived from the all-conquering 956, a 2849 cm³ boxer-6 air-cooled but with water-cooled cylinder heads and with two sequential turbos capable of 450 hp.

It was ahead of its time, NO car in the 80s offered what the 959 had.

The Porsche 959 is considered to be the most advanced car built in the 1980s. At the time, super cars were raw, uncomfortable and hard to drive. But the 959 was not only fast but comfortable. Porsche built only 329* examples of the 959, and lost money on every single one of them. The car was basically a cost-no-object technological tour de force. Though quite a few cars of the era could go as fast or even faster, none approached the package speed+comfort+ease of use that the 959 delivered.

Porsche 959
That’s sex on wheels. Never mind what those silly Ferraristi say.

The God Car. And a second one, this time in silver. Its well known that I really like the 959 (THE car I would choose to have). With that, it’s one of the few passenger cars that I would like to have in different colors. When I first saw this one in photos, I thought it looked VERY good for a cheap pw model. So for just £8 (!!!) I thought what the hey and asked a good friend to be a middleman and buy one for me. And I got more than I paid for. Waaaaay more, in fact.

Porsche 959
When a pw looks VERY good beside a Spark that means it’s a REALLY good model.

A very nice model that though not as good as my Spark, still very good. In fact, you only notice that it could be better if you put it beside a Spark. So if a Porsche 959 is not very high on your list of desirable models (and that means you are an infidel so pray Mercury has mercy on your soul), this is a very good buy. In fact, that Atlas series has some great Porsches for peanuts.

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