Porsche 959 #186 – Spark

1986 Porsche 959
Pilots: R. Metge / D. Lemoine
Team: Rothmans Porsche Team
Race: 1st place at the Dakar Rally in 1986
Spark - MAP 020 047 18 (resin)

Published 11/28/18

In 1982 FIA introduced the Group B class. It had few restrictions on technology, design and the minimum number of cars built for homologation. And most important of all, there was no restriction to turbo boost pressure. Slowly though, Group B became focused on rally racing, and Porsche didn’t feel much relevance towards their road cars. With the huge investment needed to develop a true racing program, there wasn’t a strong effort to get the 959 seriously into rally racing. So the 959 was all dressed up, but with nowhere to go. However, there was the Dakar Rally, a brutal rally with very few restrictions. In other words, the perfect place for Porsche to prove the 959 without needing to invest too much.

959 #186
The God Car in rally trim.

In 1985 the rally version of the 959 was ready, and three cars went to the Dakar Rally. Unfortunately all three DNFed. The next year the 959 was back in Africa, again with three cars in the factory-supported Rothmans team. The 959 #186, piloted by Metge and Lemoine came in first, followed by Ickx and Brasseur in the #185. I don’t collect rally cars, but being the God Car, a rally 959 is allowed by the OLM (Only Le Mans) rule. Until the end of 2018 this model was only available from Minichamps. But Spark released a limited run of 700 models for the Rennsport Reunion around this October. I was fortunate to get one at a regular “Spark price”, but they’re going for silly money now.

959 #186
That’s a LOT of mud flaps.

Bottom line, this is a dashing model. Moreover, I would dare say a mandatory one for rally or Porsche collectors. So, nice and expensive (if you can find one). This one may be stupidly expensive, yet don’t despair. Spark announced that they will soon release a regular edition of the 959 #186. So there’s no need to over pay for this edition if you can wait a bit 😉.

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