Porsche 956 “Canon” #14 – Altaya

956 #14
1983 Porsche 956
Pilots: J. Lammars, J. Palmer, R. Lloyd
Team: Richard Lloyd Racing
Race: 8th overall (Class C) at Le Mans in 1983
Altaya - MSE 04 (diecast) 

Published 05/25/17

If the 1980’s can be considered the “Porsche Decade” in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the race of 1983* could be remembered as “The Year of the 956”. The race finished on that Sunday, June 20th with the top eight places occupied by 956s. In fact, the only non-956 in the first 10 places was a lone Sauber C9 in 9th. Never before and never again the same car (or even the same manufacturer!) was able a feat like that. Accordingly, right after the race Porsche’s marketing department released one of the most famous magazine ads ever.

For something that is basically a pw model, this 956 #14 looks pretty neat.

Piloted by the Dutch Jan Lammers and the Brits Jonathan Palmer and Richard Lloyd, 956 #14 (chassis 956-106) came in 8th overall. Being the Nikon fan boy that I am, I’m obliged to say that the car would look better if that was a Nikon livery 😁.

Just kind of dirty. Perhaps Altaya wanted to show how the car looked at half race?

The model is an Altaya, and as far as Altaya models go, it’s a pretty solid one. I think what most demotes the model is the molded windscreen wiper. And (maybe?) as plus, it’s a weathered model. From a distance at least, the dirt effect looks pretty good in my eyes. However, the car looks like it only raced half the race – it’s too clean 🤨! Basically it only has some exhaust sooth. In the end, you don’t get a Spark-good model, but ain’t too shabby either. Thus, for the correct (cheap!) price it’s okay.

*: 1984 got close, with seven Porsches in the top seven spots, although with 956s and 956Bs. In 1986 Porsche put seven on top again, but in a mix of different cars.

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