Porsche 934 #82 – Spark

934 #82
1976 Porsche 934
Pilots: A. Pallavicini, H. Müller, M. Vanoli
Team: Lubrifilm Racing Team
Race: 4th overall (1st in Group 4) at Le Mans in 1979
Spark - S3431 (resin)

Published 09/17/20

FIA introduced Group 4 racing in 1969, but in 1970 changed the rules somewhat. From 1971 onward, Group 4 was only for “special grand touring cars” with a minimum production run of 500 units for homologation. Introduced in 1976, the Porsche 934 was specifically meant for Group 4, and in essence was the racing version of the 911 (930) Turbo. According to the rules, the race version should use the standard road-going shell, so the 934 looked a lot like the 930, but lighter. To reduce weight, Porsche used GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) on doors, bonnet and wheel arches. The interior was also completely bare, but with the addition of the mandatory roll cage. In fact, Porsche went overboard in the weight loss program. They made the car so light that they had to add weight for it to weigh the minimum 1090 kg.

934 #82
May look great, but according to legendary Derek Bell, the 934 was a “nasty little beast” to drive.

As a power plant the 934 used an air-cooled SOHC boxer-6 displacing 2992 cm³. Charged by a single large KKK turbo, at 1.4 bar of pressure the engine delivered 480 hp. However, with modifications to the engine that climbed up to 550 hp by 1977. The brakes came from none other than the 917, but the suspension system was basically the same from the 930. In truth, per the rules, the race version had to use the same chassis as the road going version. But it could be reinforced, and the car also counted on a 120 l fuel cell-type fuel tank. All that allowed a top speed of close to 290 km/h and a 0 to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds.

Though a small privateer team, Lubrifilm came and conquered. First time at Le Mans with a class win!

Chassis #930 670 0178 came out of the Weissach factory in 1976. Bought by Schiller Racing, the car debuted at La Sarthe in 1976. Unfortunately it had to abandon the race with engine troubles. In 1977 it was back but once again engine issues caused a premature retirement. Due to the bad results the Schiller team didn’t run in 1978, and sold it to the Lubrifilm Racing Team in 1979. The team raced it at Mugello and Nürburgring, and in June took it to Le Mans. There, at the hands of Angelo Pallavacini, Herbert Müller and Marco Vanoli, 934 #82 came in fourth place overall and first in class. 

Of my three versions, the 934 #82 is the best hands down.

Previously to the 934 #82 I only had two other 934s. And being frank, that’s not enough for a Porsche fan boy like me. Besides, in my humble opinion the 934 is the best looking GT Porsche since the Carrera RSR. So when the opportunity for getting this 934 #82 came up, I didn’t think twice. And equally important, it’s a class winner. So all in all I’m VERY happy with it 😊.

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