Porsche 934 #69 – Minichamps

1976 Porsche 934
Pilots: J-L. Ravenel, J. Ravenel. P. Dagoreau. W. Braillard
Team: Ravenel Frères
Race: DNF (Group 4 class) at Le Mans in 1978
Minichamps - 400786469 (diecast)

Published 06/27/18

Based on the road legal 911 Turbo (930), privateers were the target for the 934. If you wanted a race car for FIA’s Group 4 class, the 934 was your car. The 934 was basically a 1975 911 Turbo with a more powerful engine and with better suspension. It came out of the factory in the so-called “regular trim”. Weighing 1090 kg, it came with electric windows, door trim, a 121 l gas tank and roll cage. The engine was an air-cooled turbocharged 2992 cm³ boxer-6. Until 1977 the engines produced 480 hp, but from 1977 onward engine modifications bumped output to 550 hp.

Because of the livery, from a parsec away you know this is a privateer car.

But to comply with Group 4 rules, the cars were modified with the “race trim”, where 30 kg were added. The 934 had almost twice more power than the 930. Basically that was because of its larger turbo, and that meant more turbo lag. It wasn’t a car easy to drive, to the point that Derek Bell once called it a “nasty little beast”. Still, it was immensely popular among privateers.

934 #69
May not be great to drive, but sure looks fantastic.

Brothers Jean-Louis and Jacques Ravenel first raced at La Sarthe in 1976. With a BMW 3.0 CSL, they came in 24th place. In 1977 they founded the Ravenel Frères racing team and managed a 14th place with a 911 Carrera RSR. Stimulated by their better result in the year before, for 1978 they were back. This time they came with a 1976 Porsche 934 (chassis #930-6700153) and had another go at the 24 Heures du Mans. Unfortunately though 934 #69 here had to abandon in the 35th lap with engine troubles, and that was the last race of the racing brothers.

It does have dead eyes but they’re not terrible.

Quite an obscure car this one (it raced at Le mans in 76, 77 and 78), without a mention-worthy result, but I got interested in it after I found out about the brothers’ racing team. AND, it’s a 934, one of the coolest stallions from Stuttgart. Model-wise the 934 #69 is just a nice (okay?) model from Minichamps, so probably not something that normal non-Le Mans nuts collectors will find very enticing.

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