Porsche 934 #56 – Premium X

1977 Porsche 934 #56
Pilots: C. Grandet, J-L. Bousquet, P. Dagorreau
Team: JMS Racing / ASA Cachia
Race: 19th overall (3rd in Group 4) at Le Mans in 1977
Premium X - PR0412 (resin)

Published 04/23/17

The 934 was the racing version of the 911 Turbo (930). It was made by Porsche specifically for privateers to be used in Group 4 races. Over 400 units were produced from 1976 to 1977, and housed a turbocharged 3 liter flat-six engine, capable of up to 550 hp in the 1977 version. The #56 wasn’t particularly successful at Le Mans in 1977: 19th place overall but a very decent 3rd place in the Group 4 class.

934 #56
Nice model, but maybe a bit off?

Known as the “X-Ray 934”, the 934 #56 had a big brother 935 (#40) in the same livery that year, coming in 3rd place general (1st in class). With that, JMS had a pretty good year at La Sarthe.

934 #56
100% honest-to-God art car livery

This is my first resin model, and I have to say I think I started out pretty good. So far I haven’t found anything to complain about the model, it looks perfect. Well, maybe I could complain about the aerial. Though it seems to be in scale, it’s kind of ugly. It looks like somebody thrust a metal rod on the roof of the car. However, more importantly, when side-by-side another 934, the model looks a bit too big. Perhaps it’s in 1:40 🤨? Still, a pretty good representation of the real 934 #56.

That’s a wide as…behind.

BUT! For my tastes, I found out that I prefer metal models. I don’t know, the car is just too light in the hand for my tastes, almost too fragile. So if I can choose between a good diecast or a resin version, I think I’ll go for the diecast version. For instance, like my 911 Carrera RSR from Minichamps. On the shelf you can’t tell the difference, of course, but when I handle it… Diecast feels more solid. But who knows, maybe I’ll feel different in the future.

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