Porsche 911S 2.4 – pw

1972 Porsche 911S 2.4 
Atlas (pw) - 7114010 (diecast)

Published 09/06/08

In 1971 Porsche introduced the 911 E series, a more powerful version of the 911 than the previous C and D series. The new E series consisted of the entry level 911T, the mid-range 911E and the top of the line 911S. The new E series got a new stronger transmission (Typ 915, derived from the 908) and a new engine. All three models were fitted with the same boxer-6 2341 cm³ engine (popularly known as the “2.4L” engine), but there was a distinction in the power output according to the model. 911T owners only had 130 hp at their disposal, while the 911S 2.4, because of mechanical fuel injection, boasted 190 hp.

911S 2.4
Some say that is the quintessential Porsche, the model that best represents the brand.

But maybe the biggest difference from the new model to the older ones was handling. Because of engine placement in the rear, the 911 was notorious for over-steer. So to remedy that Porsche moved the 8.5 l oil tank from behind the rear wheel to the front of the wheel, and that made a huge difference in the car’s handling. A simple modification that utterly made the car a LOT better. Because of the better handling, the E series 911 is usually considered as the best classic (mainstream) 911.

Just a humble pw model but VERY nice in my humble opinion.

In scale it’s not perfect, but Atlas gives you a terrific value for your money. The model is in the right size and has the right shape. Honestly, the only detail that is lacking here are real turn and tail lights. From a distance you don’t notice the painted lights, but up close they are evident. If not for that, this model would be perfect. Along with my 901, this 911S 2.4 is THE best pw models I’ve seen so far. To the point that I really don`t feel the need for an upgrade here.

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