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911 R
 2016 Porsche 911 (991) R
 Spark - WAX02020050 (resin)  

Published 05/22/19

In 1967 Porsche built a not very well known model that became an historical mark for the brand. The original 911 R was the first model made for racing by privateers. It was designed specifically for track use, with a fantastic engine and being absurdly light. Unfortunately, because of the high price, Porsche sold only 20 units, and therefore it’s not very well known today. But Porsche didn’t forget about it, and in 2016 released a new one. The new 911 R is not a track day special, but a smart and comfortable car that you can use all around. It’s basically a GT3 RS without the aero add-ons and automatic gearbox, and in a limited series. Porsche will only produce 991 units, each for US$185,950.00, so don’t expect to see it everywhere.

911 R
The modern “essential 911”? Very possibly.

The engine is the same one of the 991 GT3 RS. It’s a flat-6 displacing 3996 cm³ and with DOHC and 24 valves, NO turbo, delivering 500 hp. When released, it was the lightest of the 911 models, weighing only 1370 kg. So with low weight and a strong engine, it’s pretty nimble. It can go from naught to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds, and has a top speed of 323 km/h. But maybe the big deal about the 911 R is the 6-speed manual gearbox. According to Porsche, that makes the 911 R feel like the “911s of old”. So in theory, it’s a driver’s car, for those who appreciate more control (like me).

911 R
I went for the silver to make a pair with my original 911 R.

I think I made it obvious that I like cars with wings on the back. Guess that’s the 12 year-old in me, and I can’t help it. While the 911 R has no wings and looks subdued, after I did some research I came to really appreciate it. It’s nimble, comfortable and the absence of boy racer looks makes me think that this would be a fantastic “one car only” to own. Yeah, like I have that kind of cash… But in model form I can have it, and here it is. It’s a cracking model from Spark, with great attention to detail, and with no complaints from me.

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