Porsche 911 (996) GT3-RSR #77 – Ebbro

2004 Porsche 911 (996) GT3-RSR
Pilots: H. Kurosawa, K. Nishizawa, M. Orido
Team: ChoroQ Racing Team
Race: 12th overall (2nd in GT class) at Le Mans in 2004
Ebbro - 43600 (diecast)

Published 07/01/17

Based on the 2004 road-going 911 GT3 RS, the GT3-RSR was Porsche’s flagship racer for 2004. Costing just US$ 279,000.00, it was delivered to buyers in ACO (1150 kg) or FIA (1100 kg) specifications. The engine was a 3598 cm³ boxer-6 with 24 valves and DOHC producing 445 hp, and everything else on the car was race-orientated, either to save weight or gain strength or both. For racing it was a great buy, since the car was affordable and, most important, reliable. With that, in the mid-2000`s the GT3-RSR was a common sight on most race tracks.

GT3-RSR #77
Not Spark-good but quite good nonetheless…

This little gem is the representation by Ebbro of GT3-RSR #77 (chassis #WP0ZZZ99Z4S693079). It raced at Le Mans in 2004, coming in a very respectable second place in the GT class. But imagine the problem for scale manufacturers if it came in first with that livery… I for one find it really cool to see a diecast brand sponsoring a race car like this. And livery notwithstanding, the GT3-RSR #77 is a very nice model, cool even for the race car collector in general. However, being honest, in my eyes the paint job could have been a bit better – it’s not Spark-good. Not bad, far from that, but nothing exceptional.


Published 07/21/17

Looking at my GT3-RSR #81, I noticed that Ebbro may have made a blunder. Those wheel arches are supposed to be slimmer. Or at least I haven’t found a pic showing them as wide as in the model, specially at the rear. On this pic they look wide, but maybe not as wide as seen with the model. Since Ebbro is the only game in town for this car, it’s a take it or leave it deal. Oh well, I’ll take it…🙄

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