Porsche 911 (993) RAUH-Welt Begriff “Soulmate Jägermeister” – Ixo

1994 Porsche 911 (993) RAUH-Welt Begriff “Soulmate Jägermeister”
Ixo - MOC210 (diecast)

Published 12/30/21

RAUH-Welt Begriff is something very different from what you expect. Like many (all?) car-modifying outfits, the brand is all about making your car different and unique. However, RWB does it in a very sui generis way. Their “rough world concept” is almost a way of life, with a particular way of translating that into cars. Only one person works on all their cars, RWB founder Akira Nakai. With that, he imprints his style to every single project. For instance, the outlandishly wide body kits. In theory, Nakai came up with them to improve race handling, and of course, to make the car look cool. Moreover, there are other quirks as well, like the made-up Idlers tire brand. Or that some cars receive nicknames. Consequently, his style is definitively an acquired taste; nonetheless, RWB became a worldwide phenomenon. Currently there are RWB shops all over the world.

In my opinion, even with the Jägermeister livery, the Soulmate nickname should have been kept on the side skirts.

Soulmate was RAUH-Welt Canada’s seventh build, based on a 993. It was revealed to the public in May 2016, at a shopping mall in Vancouver. The following year, in June, it appeared in the Vancouver DRIVEN Aftermarket Car Show, along with maybe RWB Canada’s most famous car, the “Super Musashi”. Built in 2014, the Super Musashi was Canada’s third RWB. In contrast to it’s older brother, Soulmate is much more camera shy, and photos of the car are hard to come by. A couple of years later, I think the owner thought that an orange RWB 993 was not exquisite enough. And how to make it look even more unique? Easy – let’s give it a Jägermeister livery.

Usually, the number you see on a RWB car refers to the number of cars the shop produced.

From what I could piece together, the car received the new livery in 2018. I found a short video on RWB Canada’s Instagram account, dated 06/20/18, showing the car in full Jägermeister colors. Before that date, all the posts I found were with it in plain orange color. Therefore, I infer it became “Soulmate Jägermeister” (or just “RWB Jägermeister”) around that time. I would like to believe that it still sports the same livery, but I honestly don’t know.  Well, at least until January 2019 it did. I spent a few hours on the web trying to find whatever I could on the car, but information is terribly scarce. I couldn’t even find out what model of the 993 was the base car – a Carrera, perhaps? The owner must be a very private person, since there’s almost nothing on it on the internet.

Nakai-san personally paints the Idlers brand on each tire.

As I wrote above, RWB cars are an acquired taste. And it looks like I acquired said taste… Well, being factual, what enticed me about Soulmate Jägermeister was the livery. I’m a BIG fan of Jägermeister colors, and having only one other Jägermeister car in the Garage, nobody had to twist my arm to get this one. If you want a Soulmate Jägermeister in 1:43rd, you have two options – Ixo or Tarmac Works. I went for the Ixo version, however after I ordered it I received my Waikato and Rough rhythm models. When I got them, I was worried I made the wrong choice. Those Tarmac Works’ models are awesome, quite superior to my green Ixo RWB. Nonetheless, to my relief, Soulmate Jägermeister here is as good as it’s Martini and Rothmans brothers.

Fat-bottomed girls you make the rocking world go round – Freddy Mercury got it right.

With Soulmate I now have four RWB cars. For someone who is NOT a fan of tuned cars, that is quite a lot 🤨. In my defense, if I hadn’t found Waikato, I probably would have stopped at the green Ixo. Tarmac Works offers many other options of the RWB cars, and at least one or two others have caught my eye. While that may be so, I don’t know if the W-143 Garage has much more parking space for such wide-ass cars 😁.

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