Porsche 911 (991) RSR “Project 1” #56 – Spark

RSR #56
2019 Porsche 911 (991) RSR #56
Pilots: J. Bergmeister, P. Lindsey, E. Perfetti
Team: Team Project 1
Race: 31st overall (1st in LMGTE-Am) at Le Mans in 2019
Spark - S7942 (resin) 

Published 02/19/20

Porsche’s new racing weapon, the 911 RSR, debuted at La Sarthe in 2017. Porsche had two works cars in the fray, both in the LMGTE-Pro class. However, one DNF and the other only managed a fourth place in the Pro class. But despite the very humble beginning, the new 911 RSR was a very big step for Porsche. Though based on the current 991 generation of 911, the new RSR basically only shared the lines of the civilian 991. That’s because it has a VERY distinctive characteristic: the engine sits in front of the rear axle. So in other words, it’s a mid-engined car. And since that changes the weight balance of the car, it’s a big deal. To the point that the new RSR has higher cornering speeds and less tire wear. Another big plus is that now Porsche can fit a gargantuan rear diffuser, which hugely impacts aerodynamics.

RSR #56
One word for the livery: striking!

The engine of the 911 RSR is also brand new. The new engine is a naturally aspirated 4000 cm³ boxer-6. With direct fuel injection and the mandatory air restrictors it delivers 510 hp through a six-speed sequential gearbox. The chassis is a carbon fiber monocoque with an integrated safety roll cage. The suspension system consists of double wishbones on the front and rear axles with a twin coil spring setup. Unexpectedly, stopping power comes from ventilated steel brake discs on all corners. And all that is covered up by carbon fiber body panels with a quick release system.

Artsy and fast: a rare art car that is a winner.

If 2017 was a disappointment for the new car, 2018 was not. Not only did the 911 RSR finish in first and second places in the LMGTE-Pro class, it also grabbed first place in the LMGTE-Am class. In 2019 there were nine RSR at La Sarthe, four in the Pro class and five in the Am class. In the Pro class they finished in second and third, but 911 RSR #56 here finished in first in the Am class. However, it’s not only a class winner; RSR #56 is also an art car. Designed by contemporary artist Richard Phillips, the car has a striking feminine-inspired livery. 

I have to admit I have a pretty nice RSR fleet – the Pink Pig, the Rothmans and now the RSR #56 art car.

Soooo… An art car that’s also a class winner?!? Shut up and take my money! Until now the RSR #56 is the only art car to race at La Sarthe and win in its class. And with that it became a must buy for me, automatically becoming a grail model. As always Spark didn’t disappoint, and the model is a true gem. Definitively a model for all race fans alike!

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  1. Hi dad!!!!
    I found the car that you show me last nigth!!!!!
    I love that car because have many colors and you know that I love colors!!!!
    The car that have a “woman”,remenber???
    That is the new one ???
    The car that I am writing about is “Porche 911 (991) RSR Project 1 #56-Spark”
    Your “blog” is very “cool”!!!!(for who likes cars,of course)!!!!!
    I am using my computer to writh for you!!!!!
    Bye for now!!!!

    1. Hey princess!
      Yep, that’s an “art car”, and is the most recent art car to race at Le Mans. Cool, huh? ❤
      Talk to you later, little padawan.

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