Porsche 904/4 GTS #31 – Spark

904/4 GTS #31
1964 Porsche 904/4 GTS 
Pilots: G. Koch, D. H. Schiller 
Team: Porsche System Engineering 
Race: 10th in GC (3rd in class GT 2.0) at Le Mans in 1964 
Spark - S3437 (resin) 

Published 06/27/17

Even though the car is officially named Porsche Carrera GTS, at Zuffenhausen and by every car enthusiast, this car is known simply as the Porsche 904. Done with the Formula One business by 1964, Porsche created the 904 for sportscar racing. The 904 came to substitute the (then outdated) 718. The 904 received the Type 587/3 engine, a flat-4 cylinders with 1966 cm³ that produced 198 hp, installed like the 718 at midships.

904/4 GTS #31
Sleek and low, the essence of any race car.

The 904 was the first Porsche to use a ladder chassis and fiberglass reinforced plastic (FGRP). For extra rigidity, the body was bonded to the steel chassis. Thus, with it’s sleek lines it allowed an impressive drag coefficient of just 0.34. With that structure the car was basically a thoroughbred race car. It’s first race was at Sebring, where it had to retire with clutch problems, but on the next one, the Targa Florio, it came in 1st overall. And at La Sarthe in June a privateer 904 achieved a class win. This 904/4 GTS #31 (904-006) was the only factory car to finish the race that year, coming in 10th overall (3rd in class).

904/4 GTS #31
My 904 fleet. If I did the math right that’s 2712 worth of cars…

I have two other gorgeous 904 also from Spark (here and here). But, without a doubt this 904/4 GTS #31 is the VERY BEST one. Why? Because this was a gift from a very dear friend, the great Earl of Northumberland. It’s really mind-boggling how somebody who’s weird idea of a good time (driving a 914 with the top down around Manor Walks while blasting Back Street Boys on the stereo) can be so nice, but the fact is the man is an awesome guy. Thanks bud! 🙂

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