Pescarolo 01 Evo #24 – Ixo

2010 Pescarolo 01 Evo
Pilots: J. Nicolet, R. Hein, J-F. Yvon
Team: OAK Racing
Race: 9th GC (4th in class LMP2) at Le Mans in 2010
Ixo - LMM203PB (diecast)

Published 05/27/17

The Pescarolo 01 was the first prototype car built entirely by French team Pescarolo Sport. At the end of 2006 ACO introduced many new regulations that made Pescarolo Sport’s Courage C60 ineligible. With that, team owner Henri Pescarolo chose to become a full constructor for the first time. The 01 was intended to be used by Pescarolo and also to be sold to customers, being designed to meet the regulations of both the LMP1 and LMP2 classes with just a few modifications. In 2009, Pescarolo Sport and OAK Racing formed a partnership for the Le Mans Series, and The Pescarolo 01 was further developed into the 01 Evo. At La Sarthe in 2010 OAK Racing had two 01 Evos in the race, powered by Judd’s XV675 unit, a V8 with 3397 cm³ good for 530 hp.

01 Evo
I’m not a great fan of pink cars but this one does float my boat.

At Le Mans in 2010, OAK Racing had the two cars in the fray. Car #35 came in 7th (chassis #06) and this #24 (chassis #07) came in 9th overall. All in all, a fantastic model by Ixo, with a terrific bang-for-the-buck. That’s why I like Ixo: almost always great models that don’t break the bank.

01 Evo
A pink Le Mans car? My 6yo LOVES it!

In fact, since it’s pink, this 01 Evo was elected by my 6 year-old daughter as the “coolest car of my whole collection”. And it had very stiff competition. After all, the Naked Lady Porsche has a cat sleeping under the rear windshield, so Ixo should be proud. So with that kind of approval, definitively a MUST HAVE model for any race car collector.

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