Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG “Black Edition” – Minichamps

2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG “Black Edition” 
Minichamps - 437033021 (resin)

Published 08/04/17

The SLS AMG was the first Mercedes-Benz designed and built in-house by AMG. With it’s gullwing doors, it was the successor to the SLR McLaren. In fact Mercedes-Benz described it as a spiritual successor to the most famous Mercedes of all time, the 300SL Gullwing of 1954. Produced from 2010 to 2014, it became such an iconic vehicle that AMG elected not to replace the SLS right away. One of the reasons that the performance of the SLS surpassed even the SLR’s was the car’s lighter weight, in great part due to the lightweight aluminum frame – the company’s first car ever with an aluminum chassis and body. The engine, called M159, was a 6208 cm³ V8 with DOHC, 32 valves and dry sump, that delivered 563 hp.

The “Aerodynamics Package” makes the car look more racecar.

This is the “Black Edition” of the SLS, produced only in 2013. The inspiration for it was the SLS AMG GT3 racing car. The engine is tuned to produce 622 hp and the car is 70 kg lighter than the standard model. If you ask for it, and pay the price, it comes with an optional “AMG Aerodynamics package”. That translates to a lot of carbon fiber add-ons. Like in the GT3-styled rear aerofoil and on details on the front apron. Also, you get front and rear spoilers, side skirts and a rear diffuser.

Without a doubt, this s my modern dream Merc.

Though the SLR McLaren of 2003 is undoubtedly much more famous, for me it didn’t float any boats. I remember the nerdgasms in the 1:18 community when CMC released the model in scale. But IMHO it was just “Meh” . However, the SLS I find much more appealing, specially because of the race track connections of the GT3 version. This is my first resin model from Minichamps. And I can certainly say it’s the best model I currently have from the brand. Awesome detail all around and at least in my eyes the car looks spot on.

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