Matra MS 670C #7 – Altaya

MS 670C1974 Matra MS 670C
Pilots: H. Pescarolo, G. Larrousse
Team: Equipe Gitanes
Race: 1st GC (S class) at Le Mans in 1974
Altaya - MSE 02 (diecast)

Published: 04/03/17

For three years, from 1972 to 1974, French manufacturer Matra reigned at Le Mans, and this #7 was the last MS 670C to reach the highest place in the podium. Though that pesky Martini #22 porker almost ruined the party, coming just 4 laps behind

MS 670C

I like the car, but look at it: it doesn’t look very fast, does it? And an interesting tidbit: the #7 670C was almost disqualified. Having problems with the gearbox (ironically, Porsche), it was swapped during the race, and at the time this was against the rules. However, French commissaries turned a blind eye to that little detail, and Matra took its third win at La Sarthe. Controversy aside, in 1:43 form methinks it came out pretty ok. Paint is crisp and details are nice, so I would say a good model from Altaya (BUT, you get what you pay for – the livery isn’t complete…).

09/10/18: The W-143 Garage now has a better version of this model.