Lancia LC2 83/85 #5 – Ixo

1984 Lancia LC2 83/85 
Pilots: H. Pescarolo, M. Baldi
Team: Martini Lancia
Race: 7th GC (C1 class) at Le Mans in 1985
Ixo - LMC 128 (diecast)

Published 08/14/18

In the late 70’s Lancia’s car for the World Sportscar Championship was the Montecarlo (Type 137). But in 1982, when Group C replaced Group 5, the automaker needed a new car. For the new rules Lancia hastily used the LC1. However, the LC1 had a flaw: designed to Group 6 regulations, FIA would not allow it to score points. And that meant Lancia couldn’t win the champio0nship. So they needed something totally new to be competitive.

Great looks, good specs, however not good enough for La Sarthe.

The problem was that Lancia didn’t have an engine suitable for a Group C car. But since Fiat owned Lancia and also owned Ferrari, Lancia sourced the V8 from the 1982 Ferrari 308 GTBi QV. The manufacturer reduced the V8’s displacement from 3000 to 2599 cm³ and then added two KKK turbos. The chassis, designed conjunctly by Dallara and Abarth, was an aluminum monocoque. With the chassis done Dallara then covered it in a Kevlar and carbon fiber bodywork.

Beautiful livery and a quite nice level of detailing.

For 1983, Martini Lancia had two LC2 models lined up for the 24 Heures du Mans, but none finished. The next year, with just two cars the result was a little better: one DNF and one 8th place. In 1985 the LC2, after some improvements, was back at La Sarthe. With two cars in the race, 1985 was the best year for the LC2: a sixth (car #4) and seventh (#5) places. However, Lancia realized that the LC2 was no match for the 962C, so for the following year they didn’t even enroll a car at Le Mans.

Even Ixo (IXO!) provide missing decals. Do you hear that, HPI?!?

Though very fast, the LC2 was never a reliable car. But in 1:43 it’s a total stunner. VERY nicely made by Ixo, IMO it should be the basic Ixo model. If all other Ixo cars were like this, Spark would have some very serious competition. And this is a curious one. Below the plinth came a small plastic envelope with that note and a decal sheet for the missing logos. Very few 1:43 brands go that extra mile. However, I looked at dozens of photos of the LC2 online and can’t find where they’re supposed to go .  I’m really pleased that Ixo sends the decals with the car, but unfortunately on me it’s a wasted effort.

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