Jaguar XJR-12 #3 – pw

1990 Jaguar XJR-12 
Pilots: M. Brundle, P. Cobb, J. Nielsen
Team: Silk Cut Jaguar
Race: 1st GC (C1 class) at Le Mans in 1990
pw - ? (diecast)

Published 04/29/17

From 1955 to 1957 Jaguar was the reigning force at Le Mans, but for the next 35 years the brand didn’t have a works car in the race. In the early 80’s, stimulated specially by Tom Walkinshaw, Jaguar decided to go up against the mighty Porsche 956 in Group C with the XJR-5 of 1984. At Le Mans that year the 5 disappointed and had to abandon the race with just three hours to go, but the project was further refined and in 1988, with the XJR-9, Jaguar earned its first victory at La Sarthe after the 50’s. In 1990 came another victory for Jaguar, but this time with the XJR-12. Weighing only 900 kg, the car was powered by a 7.0 V12 with SOHC and good for 730 hp.

Great car, TERRIBLE model.

Tough the 1:1 has a nice and colorful history, that did not translate into scale. So let me be blunt about the model: it sucks (sweaty moose balls). I bought and payed for an Ixo model, from a very reputable online store. But when I opened the package, what I received was a pw, and a bad one. There’s not one thing nice about this XJR-12, so it needs upgrading, plain and simple.


10/01/19: The W-143 Garage now has a better version of this model.