Jaguar RSR XKR GT2 #81 – Spark

2010 Jaguar RSR XKR GT2 
Pilots: P. Gentilozzi, R. Dalziel, M. Goossens 
Team: Jaguar RSR 
Race: DNF (class GT2) at Le Mans in 2010 
Spark - S2589 (resin) 

Published 07/02/17

Based on a Jaguar XK-R, the XKR GT2 was a joint effort between the American racing team Rocketsports Racing (RSR) and Jaguar’s Advance Design Studio. The project came to be specifically for GT2 class racing. The chassis and sub-frames are the same aluminum components used on the road-going XK-R. However, the body covering the chassis is totally unique – molded carbon fiber panels. The engine, called AJ-133, was a supercharged 4998 cm³ V8 with DOHC and 48 valves. Delivering 550 hp and a top speed of 288 km/h, and in theory reliable, that was a good engine for endurance racing.

Not the greatest of liveries for my tastes, but definitively not boring.

RSR had a rich track record at IMSA racing, with 17 wins. The main idea was to field the XKR in the ALMS, but also, 2010 would be Jaguar’s 75th anniversary. That being so, it would be nice to see a Jaguar at the 24 Heures du Mans again, as a celebration to the marque’s anniversary. But despite the huge enthusiasm about the car and Jaguar’s race heritage, it disappointed at La Sarthe. RSR had only car #81 (chassis #RS GT-01/002) in the race, and it had to abandon early on the 4th lap due to electrical problems. Without a doubt not the anniversary present that Jaguar expected.

Jaguar already used the “swan neck” wing struts back in 2010.

The model is a bit of an oddball in my eyes, but it showed up for a good price. But with the customary (very good!) Spark craftsmanship, I couldn’t pass up on it. However, I have to say it’s the same case as my Lotus Esprit. A nice model, no question, but only for the Le Mans nut.

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