Honda NSX GT2 #84 – Ebbro

1994 Honda NSX GT2 
Pilots: A. Iida, K. Tsuchiya, K. Takahashi
Team: Honda Motor Co. Ltd / Kunimitsu
Race: 8th GC (1st GT2 class) at Le Mans in 1995
Ebbro - 43637 (diecast)

Published 06/13/17

First unveiled in 1990, the NSX was a supercar without the usual go-fast attributes: no turbos and mammoth displacement. Instead, Honda focused on aerodynamics and a sophisticated and very light chassis and body work, and with a highly tuned high-tech engine. It was a 2977 cm³ V6 with DOHC and VTEC. Though the car was very capable, Honda had a successful Formula One program already in progress. Therefore, the manufacturer opted to put the NSX on the track only from 1994 onward. Granted that it was a bit late, but the NSX would finally race.

If it wasn’t for the wheels, I would say the model is awesome. What a shame!

In 1995, with an engine prepared by the Kremer brothers, Honda was back at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This time the factory had three cars, this NSX GT2 #84 (chassis #001) and two turbocharged GT1 NSXs. Despite starting way in the back of the grid, car #84 was expertly conducted and came in 8th overall and took top honors in the GT2 class. I think it’s patent by now that I’m a big fan of models from Ebbro, but this time they dropped the ball. Not counting the baseball bat on the roof, what detracts from this model in particular are the wheels, where the tires do not sit properly on the rims. I was afraid of trying to force them in place and breaking something, so I kept them like that. A shame, because otherwise the NSX GT2 is a great little car.

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