Gebhardt JC2 843 #75 – Spark

1985 Gebhardt JC2 843
Pilots: I. Harrower, E. Clements, T. Dodd-Noble
Team: ADA Engineering
Race: 8th GC (1st C2 class) at Le Mans in 1986
Spark - S4097 (resin)

Published 12/29/18

Gebhardt Motorsport was founded in 1983 by German brothers Günter and Fritz Gebhardt. They made cars specifically for Group C Junior (later called C2), and their first model was the JC83. The JC83 was subsequently followed by the JC842 and in 1985 by the JC843. Initially they used a 2.0 l BMW engine, but from the JC842 onward they switched to the venerable Ford-Cosworth DFV. For a chassis, the JC843 had an aluminum monocoque and the body had a distinctive dorsal fin. The DFV engine was a 3.0 V8 (@90º), coupled to a 6-speed Hewland gearbox. Gebhardt sold their cars to privateers, to race in the DRM and Interserie Championships and a few endurance races.

Sometimes I wonder if ground effect is sorcery….

The British ADA Engineering company was one of these customers. In 1985 they purchased a JC843 to run the car at La Sarthe. They swapped the DFV engine with a DFL unit, basically the same Ford-Cosworth but expanded to 3.3 liters. With just one car in the race, nevertheless they managed a 16th place. Confident by the good result, in the following year they were back with the same car. Again with #75, this time however they finished in 8th place overall and first in the C2 class.

A dorsal fin long before 2011.

What enticed me about the JC2 is  really the looks. That does NOT look like something from the big manufacturers. It looks like something drawn up in a garage. In other words, quirky cool. So, we have a quirky car that was a class winner? Oh yes, me likes! Spark, as usual, did a fantastic job on the model, and it looks absolutely great. The model is one of those quirky cars, like WM’s P79/80, that will probably only appeal to the Le Mans nut. Though quirky, the JC2 is a (very) nice one nonetheless.

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