Ford GT1 #61 – Spark

2010 Ford GT1
Pilots: C. Allemann, N. Gachnang, R. Frey
Team: Matech Competition
Race: DNF (GT1 class) at Le Mans in 2010
Spark - S2575 (resin)

Published 07/31/17

The Ford GT started out as a concept car designed as a celebration to Ford’s 100th anniversary in 2003, and was based on the historic GT40 racers (but trademark issues prevented Ford from calling it GT40). The success of the design prompted the manufacturer to put the car into production, and from 2005 to 2006 Ford built a total of 4038 units. At the time the car boasted quite a few innovative technologies, and had a superplastic-formed frame with aluminum body panels. The engine, mounted at midships, was an aluminum 5.4 L Modular V8. With a Lysholm twin screw-type supercharger it generated a beefy 550 hp of power.

GT #61
Smashing livery!

The Ford GT1 was the racing version of the car, developed by Matech Concepts to comply with FIA GT1 rules for the new GT regulations of 2010. The car was upgraded wherever possible, but the engine was basically the same of the road-going car. The big difference was the absence of a supercharger (because of ACO’s restrictors), smaller displacement (5552 cm³) and high-tune to produce 600 hp.

GT #61
Not a great result, but a great model nonetheless.

For the 2010 24 Heures du Mans three GT1 Fords were in the race. Two were in the Matech Competition team and one in the Marc VDS Racing Team. Piloting the GT1 #61 (chassis #MR10FORDGT1SN005) was a Swiss trio that were not your average pilots. Unfortunately they had to retire at the 59th lap because the car caught fire. Interestingly, my SEC was NOT amused when I pointed out that so interesting fact… Lack of humor by a guy’s supreme commander aside, the model is awesome, and Spark just nailed the car. Even though GT1 #61 is a DNF car, it’s a true gem of a model. To the point that I think this one could appeal to the race car collector in general. Historically not as great as a GT40, but just as nice in scale.

And as a bonus, compared to Tazio Nuvolari, the pilots are at least kind of nice looking.

2 thoughts on “Ford GT1 #61 – Spark”

  1. Is there a way to purchase one of these? I just got done restoring the original car and would love one for my trophy rack.

    1. Your best shot would be with eBay, however this one is not exactly plentiful. Still, it’s worth keeping an eye open because sometimes, out of the blue, they show up.
      PS: I just looked and couldn’t find any up for grabs.

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