Ferrari F430 GTC #87 – Hot Wheels

2006 Ferrari F430 GTC #87
Pilots: A. Kirkaldy, C. Niarchos, T. Mullen
Team: Scuderia Ecosse
Race: 17th overall (3rd in GT2 class) at Le Mans in 2006
Hot Wheels - P9951 (diecast)

Published 12/22/20

Successor to the 360, Ferrari introduced the F430 in 2004. Penned by Pininfarina, the body of the F430 was an evolution of the 360’s, with improved aerodynamics. Though having the same drag coefficient as its predecessor, it had greater down force. Powering the car was Ferrari’s F136 engine, a 4306 cm³ 90º V8 with 32 valves and DOHC. Rated at 483 hp, the engine delivered 465 Nm of torque. That allowed a 0-100 km/h in 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 315 km/h. However, the F430 was eminently a passenger car, and Maranello wanted a race version. That being so, in 2006 their Ferrari Corse Clienti department, in collaboration with Michelotto Automobili, released the F430 GTC. The GTC, since specifically intended for GT2 racing, needed 50 kg of ballast and a smaller engine. Therefore, it used the F136 GT, the same F136 but downsized to 3998 cm³.

Though a fast car and with a competent team, #87 was not fast enough to take the GT2 class.

The GTC was slightly less powerful than the F430, however with better aerodynamics it was faster on the track. With direct and strict supervision by Ferrari, Michelotto Automobili produced all in all 53 units of the F430 GTC. Scuderia Ecosse bought chassis #2418 brand new in 2006, and debuted the car in the British GP Championship. That April, at Oulton Park and in the hands of Chris Niarchos and Tim Mullen, they came in first place. After that, the team scored good results in various races around Europe, and in June, they were ready for La Sarthe. With their ranks reinforced by Andrew Kirkaldy, at the 74éme 24 Heures du Mans the F430 GTC #87 started in 38th place. Though starting in first place in the GT2 class, car #87 could not overcome the competition and finished in 17th overall, and third in class.

Hot Wheels Elite – for the price, one of the best 1:43 Ferrari models ever made.

GTC #87 here was a chance buy. Kind of by accident, I found it for an unbelievable price locally, to the point that I just couldn’t let it pass. Besides, I am a HUGE fan of Hot Wheel Elite models. For the price I think they carry tremendous value, with a very nice detail level. Unfortunately though, Ferrari doesn’t license their cars to Mattel anymore. Hence, nowadays you will only find Maranello cars in 1:43 either as really bad pw models or from super-expensive ultrahigh-end brands. A true shame 😣.

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