Ferrari 250 LM #21 – Altaya

1968 Ferrari 250 LM
Pilots: D. Piper, R. Attwood
Team: David Piper Racing 
Race: 7th overall (S class) at Le Mans in 1968 
Altaya - ? (diecast)

Published 04/13/17

This green #21 doesn’t have much of a colorful race history at Le Mans. It came in 29 laps behind the winning GT40#9, in seventh place overall. That’s nowhere near the results of Ferrari three years earlier. In 1965, a 250 LM (also #21) came in first overall, and that was the last time a Ferrari won at La Sarthe. At the time the 250 LM was in the hands of privateers – by 1966 Ferrari’s work teams didn’t use it anymore. For 1968 the 250 LM had a 3286 cm³ V12 engine, but it just wasn’t strong enough to keep up with the GT40 of the John Wyer team.

250 LM
Since they’re not wire wheels, they don’t look bad.

What caught my eye on this model was the green color, something you very rarely see on a car from Maranello. Another pw model (once again from the Ferrari Collection), but in all honesty it’s pretty good. I would even say VERY good for a pw, in fact. Look at the wipers: not photo-etched but nicely made. I think this 250 LM is one of the best pw I’ve seen so far. Specially due to the good wheels (no wire wheels). Just like my 312PB – well, it looses to the 312PB because of the solid exhaust pipes.

Rare color for a Ferrari and decent model for a pw model. If found for cheap, it’s a nice buy.

If you wanted a better version of the 250 LM, let’s say of the 1965 winning 250 LM, you could get the version from Look Smart or go for a resin model. But then we’re talking about so much (MUCH!) more moolah than what I paid here. At least in my eyes it would be hard to justify the investment. Unless you’re a ferrarista, of course (NOT my case 😁).

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