Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta SWB #22 – Hot Wheels

SWB #22
1960 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta SWB
Pilots: P Noblet, L. Dernier
Team: Ecurie Francorchamps
Race: 6th overall (3rd in C class) at Le Mans in 1960
Hot Wheels - P9959 (diecast)

Published 06/10/17

Introduced in 1959, the 250 GT Berlinetta SWB (or more commonly known as “250 SWB”) used a short (2400 mm) wheelbase for better handling. Of the 176 cars built between 1959 and 1962, the first examples were strictly race cars with aluminum bodies, the so called 250 SWB Competizione. The Competizione also had an upgraded engine, a Testarossa 2953 cm³ V12 fed by six Weber 38DCN carburetors, that produced 260 to 280 hp.

SWB #22
The 250 Berlinetta is so graceful that it almost doesn’t look like a race car…

Though it’s known that I’m a big fan of those Volkswagens made in Zuffenhausen, I also have a huge hard-on for two Ferraris: the 250 SWB and the 250 GTO. I already had a SWB, the #16 also from the 1960 race, but a quite poor pw model. So when (by chance!) I found this Hot Wheels for sale, I didn’t think twice. And they did a very good job replicating SWB #22 (chassis #2021GT). Maybe not the best 250 SWB available in 1:43, but a whole lot better than my previous pw car. Details are very nice, with great wheels.

Except for the (bad) paint job, the model is very nice.

My only criticism here would be towards the paint job, because the blue stripe (yes, it’s a really dark blue and not black – shouldn’t it be in a lighter tone?) that looks a bit rough. But all in all the SWB #22 is a very nice model, parsecs better than my pw. And now if I could find an equally nice 250 GTO…

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