Aston Martin DBR1-2 #008 – Ixo

2010 Aston Martin DBR1-2
Pilots: F. Mailleux, P. Ragues, V. Ickx
Team: Signature-Plus
Race: DNF (LMP1 class) at Le Mans in 2010
Ixo - LMM 192 (diecast)

Published 05/04/18

Aston Martin Racing wanted a LMP1 prototype race car, but at the time could not produce one themselves. And how do we solve that problem? Well, easy – lets find someone else who can build it for us. For this reason, Aston went to Lola and Prodrive. Built by Lola Cars International and co-developed with Prodrive, the DBR1-2 was the result. But since it was built by Lola, it’s also known as the Lola-Aston Martin B09/60. So the DBR1-2 is the evolution of the B08/60 that Aston raced in 2008.

Such a sleek and beautiful car.

The engine was the same one used in Aston Martin’s DBR9 GT1 car. It was an all-aluminum V12 with 5993 cm³, DOHC and 48 valves, but with bigger air restrictors, delivering 675 hp. Because of the longer engine, Prodrive used a more compact Xtrac 6-speed transmission. Interestingly, and unorthodoxly, electric fans cooled the rear brakes, so there’s no air ducts for the rear brakes on the body. The car was ready for the 2009 season, and Lola produced a total of three cars. On their debut at La Sarthe that year one of them finished a very respectable fourth place overall.

Ixo can make a heckuva a model. Being frank, I don’t think I need a better detail level for my models.

For the 24 Heures du Mans of 2010 once again all three DBR1-2 were present. Two cars were part of Aston’s factory team and one car, the #008, was in the Signature-Plus team. Car #008 (chassis #B0960-HU03S) had Vanina Ickx (daughter of the great Jacky Ickx) as one of the pilots. Aston #008 was okay until the 302nd lap, when an accident forced its retirement. Independent of the misfortunes on the track, the model is Ace. With capital A. Easily one of my best from Ixo – if not THE best so far. And if I didn’t know better it could pass for a Spark from 50 cm away.

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