Porsche 911 (997) GT3 RSR #80 – Spark

2007 Porsche 911 (997) GT3 RSR 
Pilots: J. van Overbeek, J. Bergmeister, S. Neiman 
Team: Flying Lizard Motorsports 
Race: DNF (GT2 class) at Le Mans in 2007 
Spark - S1904 (resin) 

Published 10/16/18

The 2007 GT3 RSR is based on Porsche’s 997 generation GT3 RS. It was designed to comply with ACO, FIA-GT and VLN (Veedol Langstrecke Nürburgring) regulations. The new car came as a substitute to the previous 996 RSR, and consequently it was improved in many areas. The 997 RSR is wider, with a new aerodynamic package improving aerodynamic efficiency by around seven percent. As always, for the engine Porsche used a boxer-6. It displaces 3795 cm³ and has DOHC, 24 valves and variable valve timing, producing 485 hp. Another novelty is that customer vehicles received a new sequential six-speed transmission featuring the gears of the RS Spyder.

Looks like a different car from this side.

For the 24 Heures du Mans of 2007 the Flying Lizard team had only one car in the race, the GT3 RSR #80 (chassis #WP0ZZZ99Z7S799913). Unfortunately though, it had to abandon on the 124th lap with gearbox issues. But despite the poor result, what makes this car special is the livery. In 2007 Flying Lizard Motorsports approached graphic designer Troy lee and asked him for a custom paint job.

If I had to choose a favorite, it would be the #81.

Troy Lee on Flying Lizard Motorsports:
“I started by thinking about the Lizard’s character and looked to the color and texture of real lizards for inspiration. I think a race car should be colorful and interesting and look like it’s traveling 200 mph even while it is standing still. The Porsche is a pretty aggressive car with a high and wide profile; it was a perfect surface on which to bring the Lizard to life,” commented Lee. He added, “I wanted the art car to have a 3-D look by using chrome to give it some depth so the car looks different from all sides. Designing the car was one thing, but seeing the car realized in full scale there on track at Le Mans was incredible, it was a dream accomplishment as an artist.”

GT3 RSR #80
And the art lizards are complete.

I’ve always had a (huge!) soft spot for art cars, so of course this one was on my wanted list. And after almost a year searching I finally have the trio complete! There’s not much to comment about the GT3 RSR #80 but to say it’s friggintastic – looks as awesome as the other two. Therefore, like it’s brethren, this is one of those models that will please any race car collector.

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