Sauber C9 #62 – pw

C9 #62
1987 Sauber C9 
Pilots: C. Ganassi, J. Dumfries, M. Thackwell 
Team: Kouros Sauber Mercedes 
Race: DNF (C1 class) at Le Mans in 1987 
pw (?) - ? (diecast) 

Published 04/05/17

Swiss engineer and motor racing enthusiast Peter Sauber built his first car, the C1, in his parent’s basement in 1970. And of course he raced it, in the 1970 Swiss hillclimb championship, but with no success. But he didn’t stop there, and continued designing and building cars. From his C3 model onward he established a deserved reputation of making good cars. But the Achilles heel of his creations was always their engine. To the point that by the end of the 70s he stopped building cars, but continued actively involved with motorsports. In 1982 Sauber returned to sports car racing with the C6, however engine issues were again the norm.

C9 #62
From over 100 cm away the C9 #62 looks great. Honestly, I’m not sure I would be able to say it is a partwork.

But in 1985 he established a partnership with Mercedes-Benz, that agreed to supply him with engines. With the Mercedes M117 engine Sauber was able to develop the C8, an aluminum monocoque design specifically for Group C. In 1987 Sauber debuted the C9, powered by a new Mercedes engine. The new M119 was a 4973 cm³ V8 capable of outstanding 720 hp. However, at Le Mans both of the cars abandoned with mechanical issues.

Nifty model for a pw.

This C9 #62 is a partwork model, but I couldn’t find exactly who it’s from. It could even be a regular Altaya model, but I can’t be sure because I bought it used and with no box. My pics do not do the model justice, and I failed to show the deep blue of the car. But trust me when I say that in person it looks quite good, with pretty nice paint details. Origins notwithstanding, in the end of the day it’s a quite decent pw for the price. Obviously pales against something like an HPI, but nonetheless very decent for the price..

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