Porsche 956B #7 – Altaya

1984 Porsche 956B
Pilots: H. Pescarolo, K. Ludwig
Team: Joest Racing
Race: 1st in GC (C1 class) at Le Mans in 1984
Altaya -  PBV 07  (diecast)

Published 05/12/17

The 956B was the evolution of the 956 of 1982. It sported the same engine (carry-over from the 936/81), a turbocharged flat 6 of 2.65 l, but with a small but very important difference – Bosch Motronic engine management. The fully electronic and integrated ignition and injection brought three distinct benefits: more power, better fuel consumption and a more progressive throttle response.

956B #7
Not bad for an Altaya, but it was supposed to be an Ixo.

The Newman 956B #7 (956B-117) came in first at La Sarthe in 1984. Just 2 laps ahead of the second place (interestingly, the 2nd place #26 was an older 956 – chassis 103). This is one of the most common liveries for Le Mans – you can find six 956s in Newman colors. This 956B #7 a nice model, just an Altaya but “simple & honest”. The only problem was that the seller said it was an Ixo…😒

Yes, it’s on the upgrade list.

05/29/20: The W-143 Garage now has a better version of this model.