New camera!!!

new camera

Last month I wrote about my new dioramas, since I thought that my old track diorama was not good anymore. I even mused that the next upgrade would have to be a new camera, since my old Nikon D90 is by now totally dated. A great camera, but released in 2008, so it just can’t stand up to current hardware. AND, it’s a cropped-sensor camera, so the resolution isn’t the best. But since good cameras are far from cheap, specially a full-frame one, I thought it would take a while.

However, my adorable wife and my dad (!) teamed up and got me a new one for my birthday πŸ₯°. And not just any new camera, but possibly one of the best ones available right now, the Sony A7III!!! The A7III is one of Sony’s professional mirrorless full-frame models, with features that I never dreamt of. With a Zeiss 24-70mm lens it’s a true powerhouse.

Boy oh boy 😊!!! Now I need to learn how to use all those features.

THIS is a serious model

Remember the Amalgam models? Pfft, forget them. A child’s toy, nothing more. THIS is a serious model. This is totally out of this world! I was surfing around and found this video. Jonny Smith (from Fifth Gear) posted this on his channel this Monday. I already knew about Russell Lord’s Escort model, but this is the first time I see a very nice interview with him.

One word: unfrigginbelievable 😲😲😲

Who’s into slot cars?

I’m not. Not because I don’t think it’s ice cool, but because I don’t have the space for a nice track. I would absolutely love to see my beloved cars racing on a track in my living room. Or in my man cave, if I had one. But alas, it’s not for me.

However, if I had the space and US$ 300.000,00 to spare, I definitively would buy a track like this one featured at Petrolicious.

We lost Neil Pert

This morning I was really sad to know that Neil Pert passed away this past Friday, January 10th. A true car guy and drummer from Rush, one of my favorite bands, he was battling cancer for three years.

Rush has too many great songs to list, but without a doubt “Red Barchetta” is my all time favorite. If you ever have the time to listen to it, pay attention to the lyrics.

The world is less bright today πŸ˜₯.


Hope everyone has a fantastic 2020, and that from 2019 you only carry the good memories!

For W-143 2019 was a great year. Of course there were fumbles, like that Top Model Alfa and the Hippie 917 upgrade. Oh, and of course, the fiasco of the decade: Photobucket 🀬. It’s been two weeks (TWO WEEKS!) and I still can’t see the photos in my account. That I payed for. But whatever, all my photos are hosted elsewhere now and those jerks will never get a cent from me again.

But if I do the math, the year closed in a VERY positive note. There were all the 917s and the Merc 300 SL. And the fantastic BΓΌssing-NAG! And of course the two best grail models of the year for me: the W25 and the 917K/81. But if I had to pick the model of the year, I think I would choose the W25, just because I never thought I would get one.

So if 2020 is just half as good as 2019, it’s gonna be a great year again!


The W-143 Garage

You know how I’m always citing the “W-143 Garage”? Or Just saying “Garage”? Well, that’s how it looks from the front. Or better, that’s how it looks now. I ordered a custom-built diorama and as you can see, it came out friggintastic. From now on you will see my pics with that backdrop. I’ll also re-shoot some previous cars where the photos didn’t come out very good, so even some older reviews will have new photos. And, I’m working on a new track diorama. If all goes well I’ll upgrade that one too.

Oh yes, I got a diorama for the back of the Garage too 😁. So to show off the new diorama, I rounded up the Art Wing of the W-143 Garage*. And just like the front, I think the back lot looks great too.

And by the way, I did the math for the first pic. If you add everything up, in that shot you have 5116 hp… That’s a LOT of poneys for the streets, if you ask me. But independent of the amount of cavalry, guess which one is my favorite supercar of all?

Why, the Porsche 959, of course 😎. The God of Speed, Mercury himself, drives a 959. So of course that’s the best supercar. Ever.

*Yes, I noticed that it got a bit crowdy back there. No, I won’t get a bigger back lot. Everybody will just have to rotate parking spaces.

To hell with Photobucket

That’s it, this was the last straw. I’ve used Photobucket for years, but after that absurd price hike they attempted in 2017, and with all the blackmailing attempts, I went to Flickr. Flickr is a pretty neat photo hosting service, but the fact that they scramble file names after you load them makes manually writing a photo address impossible. And, they’re photo browser stinks, it’s too convoluted to manage your photos.

But then PB reconsidered their stance and things seemed to go back to normal, so in 2018 I went back. Still, there was a LOT of downtime last year. However, for the last month or so, every single time I log on, I get an annoying message that I’m over my bandwidth quota. And if I don’t upgrade my account they’ll shut me down. According to my account data, I’m using about 80% of my bandwidth, so this sounds like they’re trying to bully me to upgrade. And as the cherry on top of the cake, today their servers have been down all day long.

So that’s it, I’m done. SCREW PHOTOBUCKET. I’m migrating all my photos elsewhere and this is the last time they see my money.

The rooftop NYC Concours

Yes, a Concours d’Elegance on the top of a building. In New York city. Definitively not a setting that you would expect for a Concours d’Elegance, but trΓ¨s cool nonetheless. Mingling classic cars with modern fashion and a rock show proved to be a winning formula. It happened on October 5th, and was such a success that the 2020 event is already confirmed.

More info and photos at the NYC Concours page.