The rooftop NYC Concours

Yes, a Concours d’Elegance on the top of a building. In New York city. Definitively not a setting that you would expect for a Concours d’Elegance, but très cool nonetheless. Mingling classic cars with modern fashion and a rock show proved to be a winning formula. It happened on October 5th, and was such a success that the 2020 event is already confirmed.

More info and photos at the NYC Concours page.

RIP Ferdinand Piëch

That’s Piëch with chassis #917-001, painted to look like as the 1970 winning 917K #23.

This Sunday passed away Ferdinand Karl Piëch, grandson of Ferdinand Porsche. A controversial figure in the motorsport industry, Ferdinand Piëch was at the helm of Volkswagen and Audi for many years. He is credited for saving VW from bankruptcy in the early 90’s and transforming Audi in a premium brand.

But to me, though, he will always be remembered as the father of the Porsche 917.

Ferdinand Karl Piëch

Equivalence of Technology for 2020

Last night WEC announced new “Equivalence of Technology” (EoT) rules for LMP1:

-Weight: The Toyota TS050 HYBRIDS will each carry an additional 14kg compared to the TOTAL 6 Hours of Spa 2019, thus +40kg compared to the car’s minimum regulation weight;

-Fuel tank capacity:  The fuel tank capacity will be adjusted to ensure an equal number of laps per stint for both LMP1 H and LMP1 NH for every round including Le Mans;

-Refuelling time:  At each pit stop LMP1 H cars will refuel 1 second slower than LMP1 NH cars to compensate for the advantage they have restarting in electric mode;

-Success handicap:  A success handicap will be introduced whereby the performance of all cars – hybrid or non-hybrid – will be adjusted before each race to take into consideration points scored in the Championship.

At you can find the whole article. So does that mean that for 202o Toyota will have some serious competition?

Face lift!

A couple of days ago WordPress decided to do an upgrade on their software. Oh yes, upgrades are always nice, right? Well, they also upgraded their editor, so that meant a change to the layout. Nothing big, but I spent at least some 4 hours changing stuff to the new layout.

Looks like things are working alright, and I have to admit it did clean up a bit the looks of the pages. But I can’t insert an image (emoticon) inside a text anymore, so there was a trade off.

Modeler Michael Paul Smith passes away

Anyone remotely interested in scale cars and dioramas has seen Michael Paul Smith’s photos. He’s basically synonymous to scale car dioramas, and his models, dioramas and photography were absolutely gorgeous.

He passed away on November 19th, and many say he has finally moved to Elgin Park.

He will be missed.