Centodieci: the new Bugatti

In theory nobody should know about this car yet, but well, it sucks to keep secrets with the interweb… This is the Bugatti Centodieci, Bugatti’s new hypercar that is a homage to the venerable EB110.

The new car was going to debut this weekend, but since yesterday images have been doing the rounds on the web. It’s heavily based on the Chiron, but with a very different body. The engine is also the same W16 engine, but upgraded to deliver 1550 ponies (because 1500 is too few, right?).

I’m a big fan of Bugatti and the EB110, and I liked the Centodieci. A lot, in fact. Now let’s hope it also gets released in 1:43rd.

Equivalence of Technology for 2020

Last night WEC announced new “Equivalence of Technology” (EoT) rules for LMP1:

-Weight: The Toyota TS050 HYBRIDS will each carry an additional 14kg compared to the TOTAL 6 Hours of Spa 2019, thus +40kg compared to the car’s minimum regulation weight;

-Fuel tank capacity:  The fuel tank capacity will be adjusted to ensure an equal number of laps per stint for both LMP1 H and LMP1 NH for every round including Le Mans;

-Refuelling time:  At each pit stop LMP1 H cars will refuel 1 second slower than LMP1 NH cars to compensate for the advantage they have restarting in electric mode;

-Success handicap:  A success handicap will be introduced whereby the performance of all cars – hybrid or non-hybrid – will be adjusted before each race to take into consideration points scored in the Championship.

At Lemans.org you can find the whole article. So does that mean that for 202o Toyota will have some serious competition?